The Miller Hull Partnership and “Visioneers” for a Larger Library as an Even Bigger Resort for Homeless People

A request was made under the California Public Records Act to the City of Burbank for documents showing contracts and payments made to The Miller Hull Partnership, a firm the City hired to develop plans for a very expensive $106.6 million central library concept. Burbank already has a very big and expensive central library. Most … Read more

A Message from Transparent California

[Re-Published] Each year, Transparent California is proud to take part in a national celebration of government transparency known as Sunshine Week. Founded in 2005 by the American Society of News Editors, Sunshine Week is a yearly reminder of the right of every American to access government records.The story began in 1966, when the federal government enacted the Freedom of … Read more

A Story About Firearms

From this post by Bradley Dunkin Let me tell you a story. This story happened this weekend while we were all out camping. This is us (me on the left): Notice the number of small children that are with us. In total there were 8 adults and 8 children including 1 infant, 3 toddlers and … Read more

City Bureaucrats Fleecing Residents to Grow Their Largesse

(Fact-checking responses included below) The methods used to count the homeless are very flawed by design and probably on purpose. Homeless counts are handled mostly by volunteers and that is the first flaw. These are often people with big hearts who want more “homeless” funding. The other huge flaw is that homeless counts occur during … Read more

Starbucks Project Not Dead ~ Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers Disaster Sequel?

Residents surrounding Raising Cane’s at 1750 W Olive Ave, Burbank, CA 91506 claim that the drive-through ruined the neighborhood with litter, late-night noise, and illegal parking in front of residential driveways…even Tally Rand had to install an expensive fence to prevent people from trespassing on their property while waiting for food orders from Raising Cane’s. … Read more

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