City of Burbank Public Properties

The City of Burbank bureaucrats and elected officials persistently claim rents are “too high” and homes are “very expensive” yet they hoard hundreds of acres of property viable for development for homes. Click here to see the massive list of properties owned by the People Do we really need nine ball fields for example? Why … Read more

The City of Burbank Has 42 Parks and Facilities

Burbank’s elected leaders claim that residents don’t mind paying a higher 10.25% sales tax because we (according to them) appreciate the services, including all the parks and facilities paid for by taxes. The number of parks and facilities has grown over the years. The City keeps expanding these and when we visit the local parks, … Read more

City Vehicle Policies

These are the City of Burbank’s vehicle use policies: Administrative Procedure – Use of City Vehicles Administrative Procedure – Use of Personal Vehicles for City Business The Burbank Fire Department’s take home vehicle assignments list The City of Burbank’s take home vehicle assignments list (not including the fire department) The following is the text from … Read more

The City of Burbank’s Fiscal year 2020-21 Budget

Below are links consisting of open and public meeting agenda item materials in which the Fiscal Year 20-21 budget was either considered, reviewed, and/or adopted. Feb 27, 2020 Infrastructure Oversight Board (IOB) meeting, Item G-3 May 12, 2020 City Council Budget public hearing and adoption, Item N-5 October 6, 2020 City Council update on the … Read more

Woke Burbank City Council Costs Burbankers Huge Bucks – Tinhorn Flats Shutdown Was Massively Expensive

Rumor has it that Councilman Jess Talamantes demanded that Burbank Police Chief Mike Albanese shut Tinhorn Flats down. As many as ten Burbank Police officers were required to stand around to prevent the small business from reopening during the shutdown that caused many Burbank businesses to fail forever. Click here to see the huge tab … Read more

Burbank Unified School District Promotes Division and Hatred

“The Burbank Unified School District officially denounces racism as the product of white default/ supremacy culture…” The Burbank Unified School District has jumped on the “equity” bandwagon by blaming “white” people for “racism.” See the District’s District Anti-Racist Statement. Children are not born “racist” but Burbank Unified School District is sure teaching children that if … Read more

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