Is Burbank’s Police Helicopter Program Cost-Effective and Necessary?

A drone flying over a Burbank police crime scene.

The familiar whirr of the Burbank Police Department’s (BPD) helicopter, or “airship,” hovering overhead is part of the soundscape residents have come to expect. It’s a symbol of law enforcement’s commitment to public safety in the city. But as dawn breaks and the rhythmic hum persists, some residents are starting to question whether the $1000-per-hour operation is worth the sleep disruption it causes.

It’s undeniable that the BPD’s helicopter program has been an effective tool for crime detection and prevention. The bird’s-eye view gives officers a unique perspective, helping them assess situations rapidly and direct resources efficiently. However, the cost of running such a program can’t be ignored. The helicopter’s hourly expense not only covers fuel but also accounts for maintenance, the crew’s wages, insurance, and other operational overheads.

The question now arises – is there a more cost-effective way to provide the same level of public safety without disturbing Burbank’s peace at early hours? Some cities, like Chula Vista in San Diego County, are looking to the future with the innovative use of drones as a potentially cheaper and quieter alternative.

The Chula Vista Police Department’s (CVPD) Drone as First Responder (DFR) program demonstrates an intriguing new direction for public safety. This program was launched in 2017 after thorough research and public outreach, aiming to provide airborne support to police operations while increasing the quality of life for Chula Vista residents. Drones have been dispatched to 911 calls, other emergencies, and even crime scenes in progress, providing officers with real-time high-definition video feeds.

CVPD’s DFR initiative has proved a promising alternative, thanks to its cost-effectiveness and minimal noise pollution. The program’s drones cost next to nothing per hour to operate compared to the hefty price tag of running a helicopter. Plus, their compact size and quiet operation make them less obtrusive to residents, particularly in the early morning hours.

The use of drones in Chula Vista has expanded police capabilities, offering increased range, and city-wide coverage, as well as introducing cutting-edge technology like the Live911 system. This innovative software allows teleoperators and field officers to listen live to incoming 911 calls, providing an extra layer of efficiency in serving the community.

It’s crucial to note that this successful drone usage comes with its own complexities, including privacy concerns and the need for specific FAA authorizations. Nevertheless, the CVPD’s approach shows how the technology’s potential benefits could outweigh these challenges, resulting in improved service for the community at a reduced cost.

In comparing the two programs, it’s important to consider whether drones could fully replace the capabilities of Burbank’s airship, especially in more extreme law enforcement situations. Would they provide the same level of protection and safety for both the officers and residents of Burbank?

We also need to question if drones can be as effective without causing disruptions to residents. Are they really the quieter, more unobtrusive solution they’re pitched as? Furthermore, how does the public feel about the shift from traditional police work to a more technologically advanced approach?

These questions are part of a broader conversation around cost, efficiency, and public satisfaction in policing methods. As we delve deeper into the debate, we must continue to consider not just the financial aspect, but also the impact on quality of life for Burbank’s residents.

We will be exploring these questions further, reaching out to Burbank Police Department, local residents, and experts in the field. We invite you to join us in the conversation. Is the future of policing in Burbank up in the air, or could it soon be navigating the skies via remote control?

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