Burbank Unified School District Promotes Division and Hatred

“The Burbank Unified School District officially denounces racism as the product of white default/ supremacy culture…”

The Burbank Unified School District has jumped on the “equity” bandwagon by blaming “white” people for “racism.” See the District’s District Anti-Racist Statement.

Children are not born “racist” but Burbank Unified School District is sure teaching children that if they are “white” they were born “racist!” Wow, that is tragic and sad to create such hatred in our schools.

Remember for a moment the national headlines…where an educator admitted that “[w]e’re demonizing white people for being born…”

Burbank Unified School District has openly stated that “white” people are the cause of “racism.”

This is hateful and nasty and a position that has not been supported by any evidence. A request to the Burbank Unified School District asking for proof returned zero evidence to support this position.

And at least one parent has complained about the Burbank Unified School District’s open and overt discriminatory conduct against people based on their heritage. See this complaint.

Another, important question…why is Burbank Unified School District hiring lawyers out of Orange County to represent our Burbank Schools when there are oodles of qualified attorneys in Burbank to help them? This is a shameful practice of draining our tax dollars away from our community and must stop. Here’s the proof.

File your complaint with Burbank School District superintendent Matt Hill by emailing him at matthill@burbankusd.org

Demand he stop hiring out-of-town lawyers.

Demand that he stop blaming “white” people for “racism.”

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