City of Burbank Water and Power Sponsorships

While we believe it is every Burbanker’s duty to do what we can to help those in need, Burbank Water and Power ratepayers represent a broad spectrum of individuals and businesses with different financial circumstances; and not everyone wants to pay more for utilities than they have to. The City of Burbank Water and Power has spent millions of dollars in sponsorships over the years and we believe that sets a very bad precedent. This also means utilities cost more to all Burbankers as a result of Burbank Water and Power’s unilateral decision to spend our money on anything other than the utilities we pay for. Ratepayers believe that their hard-earned money is going towards the actual cost of delivery their water, power and sewer services. But it is not.

Here are some numbers and links to the supporting documentation:

2020 Burbank Water and Power sponsorships totaling $52,860.00

2019 Burbank Water and Power sponsorships totaling $99,255.72

2018 Burbank Water and Power sponsorships totaling $105,940.72

2017 Burbank Water and Power sponsorships totaling $115,507.93

While many of us will gladly send a donation to our most beloved causes, we do not need the City of Burbank deciding this for us and they do not disclose to the ratepayers that a portion of their utility bill is being spent in this way.

Burbank Water and Power is sponsoring out of area causes that are not located in Burbank using the money Burbankers paid for water, power and sewer charges. This is not acceptable.

We believe this practice should stop and if the City workers feel strongly about a particular program, they can include a message and a web link to the cause and let us decide for ourselves.

Make your opinion known by emailing the Burbank Water and Power general manager Dawn Lindell at

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