Sweeping Changes in California Firearm Legislation Impact Burbank Residents

The California Legislature recently concluded its session, enacting a series of bills that have far-reaching implications on firearm and ammunition laws in the state. These legislative actions are set to have a substantial impact on how Burbank residents acquire, store, and carry firearms and ammunition.

Key Legislation Highlights

  • Assembly Bill 28: This bill imposes an 11% excise tax on all firearm and ammunition sales, raising financial concerns for Burbank residents who wish to exercise their constitutional rights.
  • Senate Bill 2: Introduces new subjective criteria for carry permit issuance, potentially affecting the self-defense options for residents of Burbank.
  • Senate Bill 241: Mandates that licensed firearm dealers and their employees undergo annual training, potentially affecting the availability and cost of firearms and ammunition in Burbank.
  • Senate Bill 368: Requires that firearm dealers offer storage services, adding a new dimension to how residents can securely store their firearms and ammunition.

The Burbank Perspective

Economic Impact

The imposition of an 11% excise tax on firearm and ammunition purchases is likely to raise concerns among Burbank’s law-abiding residents. Local retailers could also feel the impact, as the increased costs may deter potential buyers, leading to reduced sales and possibly affecting local employment.

Self-Defense Implications

Burbank’s Chief of Police, Michael Albanese, is the local authority responsible for reviewing public carry permits. While the Supreme Court has affirmed that public carry is a constitutional right under the Second Amendment in the Bruen case, a significant number of applications for public carry permits in Burbank are nevertheless denied. According to a review of public records as of a specific date, Chief Albanese approved 28 applications for concealed carry permits from Burbank residents, while denying 14. Notably, eight of these denials were attributed solely to his subjective assessment that the applicants lacked “good moral character.” Statistically, Chief Albanese has denied nearly one in five (19%) of all applications, specifically citing a lack of “good moral character” as the reason. In fact, this particular rationale accounts for 57% of his total denials.

Education and Training

The requirement for annual training for firearm dealers, as laid out in Senate Bill 241, may result in additional costs being passed on to consumers. While the training is intended to increase safety and knowledge, Burbank residents might find themselves facing fewer options and higher prices when shopping for firearms and ammunition.

Storage and Safety

The mandate for firearm dealers to offer storage services could be seen as a step toward increased safety. However, this added service may result in higher operational costs for dealers, which could, in turn, be passed on to customers in Burbank.

Make Your Voice Known

If you have opinions or concerns about the recent changes in California’s firearm and ammunition laws, it’s crucial to make your voice heard. The Governor’s office is the final stop for these bills, and public opinion can make a significant impact. You can contact Governor Gavin Newsom directly to express your views on this legislation. Visit the Governor’s contact page at https://www.gov.ca.gov/contact/ to send a message, make a call, or even schedule an appointment. Your input could be instrumental in shaping the future of firearm and ammunition laws in Burbank and throughout California. Don’t miss this opportunity to stand up for your rights and your community.


The recent changes in California’s firearm and ammunition laws are bound to have a ripple effect on the Burbank community. While the intended goal of these legislations is to enhance public safety, they also introduce a variety of challenges and burdens for law-abiding citizens. As these bills await the Governor’s consideration, the ways in which they will reshape the landscape of firearm and ammunition ownership and usage in Burbank and throughout California remain to be seen.

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